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The 2023 Garlic Mustard Pull Challenge

Thanks to all of the volunteers at the Garlic Mustard Challenge last Saturday at Cooper’s Woods Preserve!  A total of 254.60 lbs were removed that day!!!

For more information about the event, impacts of garlic mustard, and the future, view this Toledo Blade Garlic Mustard Article published on May 15th, 2023. 

And a special shoutout to our top contributors!
1st: Susan Byrnes with 41 pounds

2nd: Carol Cerny with 38.5 pounds

3rd: Brian Alford with 26.9 pounds

Other participants: Susan Ferguson, Amy Alford, Roger Parker, Piper, Lisa and Mike Lisa Berens, Lisel Jackson, Ryan Peetz and Michael Marefka of EnviroScience and Jacqueline Rivalsky of the National Park Service.
Thanks Susan Novak Byrnes for the photos.