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Cross the water, join the fun!

As one of Ohio’s most historic destinations, “Where Family & Friends Create Memories,” it is our goal to share our love for Middle Bass Island & the restoration of Lonz Winery with our guests. Bringing back to life the sounds of families and friends sharing in laughter as they spend the day together, creating a new adventure through the Middle Bass Island Music Festival, Saturday, July 15th , 2017 from 12pm to 7pm.

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy in cooperation with The Press House is hosting a Middle Bass Island Music Festival on Saturday, July 15th , from 12pm – 7pm., free admission and all are welcome. So be adventurous, ride Miller Ferry from Catawba Island or the Sonny S from South Bass to join us for the day. The newly renovated winery patio will be filled with the sound of music by local musicians, The Island Band, Rock N Roll Stew, North Coast Goats, and 100 Mile Haul. Come hungry and thirsty, Rosie’s Chef On the Go, and Maple City Ice are our partners for concessions. While on the island, take a moment to tour the winery museum, showcasing the history of Lonz Winery, learn about the Lake Erie Island Conservancy, visit one of the best marina’s on Lake Erie, walk the trails, and enjoy a relaxing family day. Summer’s here, let’s take time with our families to enjoy it.

Proceeds from the Middle Bass Island Music Festival will be donated to Lake Erie Islands Conservancy who encourages conservation and protection of natural and agricultural lands in the Lake Erie Islands for the benefit of future generations.

View and print the event flyer here.

Download the Press Release here.

IMG_0012This snowy owl was photographed by Mark Hagerty across the street from his residence on South Bass Island on Sunday. Angie Martens saw the bird fly over their home and disappear that evening. Lisa Brohl saw a snowy owl at the Middle Bass East Point Preserve on Thanksgiving Day but did not get a photo. We should keep our eyes open for more of these visitors from the north-owls that are active during the day! The following is an excerpt from The West Virginia Birds Listserve on Tuesday reminding us to treat these owls with respect.

“With too many owls for the available food supply, numerous Snowy Owls, primarily young birds, fly south in search of other prey, including rabbits, squirrels, mice, and even sea birds. Snowy Owls are most commonly seen in open fields, particularly along the coast, but during irruption they may show up anywhere. Even though it is a delight for many people to see a Snowy Owl, it’s not easy for the owls, especially the young snowies that often have traveled thousands of miles to find food. It’s normally the weaker, immature owls that are forced by adults to leave the better hunting territories up north. These adolescent owls frequently face the harshness and uncertainties of long distance travel from severe storms, to difficulty finding food. Many juveniles are inexperienced hunters and tend to be hungry, tired, and stressed when they arrive. Sometimes even badly malnourished or half-starved. If you see a Snowy Owl, please view these magnificent large birds from a respectable distance. Leave the weary owls alone to rest and hunt. Owls don’t tolerate noise or people getting to close. They need quiet and plenty of room to feel safe. People should not view Snowy Owls for to long, or pursue, or chase the owls for close looks or photos with point-and-shoot cameras that require pictures in close proximity to the subject. By harassing the young Snowy Owls, you are making them spend the little energy they have, trying to avoid people”.

Mowing and Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve.

Mowing and Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve.

Dale Wolboldt kindly volunteering for some landscape maintenance work at Lake Erie Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve. Rumor has it that Dave was coaxed with the promise of a fishing trip by Board Member Bruce Miles.

Thanks to you both!

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