Spring Bird Banding at the Bass Islands


Lake Erie Islands

Bird Banding Schedule

Spring 2018

Thomas Bartlett

Federal Permit # 21624

(419) 447-0005

567-278-2300 or 419-937-6255



Tom and Paula Bartlett will be banding birds on the following dates for the public to come and visit. Please let us know if you are planning to visit by e-mailing Tom at hthomas.bartlett@gmail.com or Lisa at leiconservancy@gmail.com. We need to make sure that you are parking in the right location and give you directions. Do not park on private property without permission. All dates subject to change, cancellation, weather, or rainout – Call if in doubt! Banding beginning ½ hour before sunrise and usually ends after noon.


Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve

      April 29th – April 30th       May 1st – May 4th

(May 4th ends at Noon)


South Bass Island-Vineyard B & B

May 6th = All day

May 7th – May 8th = Afternoon only

May 9th = All day

May 14th – May 15th = Afternoon only

May 16th = Morning only

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