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Snowy Day for a Conservationists of the Great Lakes Podcast

LEIC member Helen Brohl has produced another podcast on the Great Lakes with local color. This latest podcast titled Conservationists of the Great Lakes features myself of LEIC and Pam Grassmick of Beaver Island, another partner in the Great Lakes Islands Alliance. And Glen Chown with ties to the Les Cheneaux Islands. Thanks to our members at The Goat Restaurants for sponsorship of the podcast. The information and link to podcast are below if you need something to listen to on this snowy day!

Friday: Conservationists of the Great Lakes | North Coast Chronicles

Preserving the Great Lakes for future generations has been in the hearts and minds of locals who initiated grassroots movements that literally changed the landscape around the region!  In the 9th episode of North Coast Chronicles: Tales from the Great Lakes, we welcome three conservation heroes who have truly made a difference.  Lisa Kutschbach Brohl is Chair and founding member of the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, which has preserved 70 acres of very limited coastal lands.  Greg Chown, Executive Director and founding member of the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy, has led the protection of thousands of acres in North Michigan.  And, also with us is Pamela Grassmick from Beaver Island whose work with the Beaver Island Association has become a model for invasives control!  How did these amazing conservationists take their passion for Great Lakes resource protection to such successful fruition? Listen as they inspire everyone to walk in their footsteps!