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National/Ohio Native Plant Month-April-Celebrated Island Style

Just a quick reminder that April is National/Ohio Native Plant Month. 


Check out the Ohio Native Plant Month website 


We celebrate island style by offering our Conservancy Native Plant and Tree Sale updated form . We are offering trees and plants native to the island as well as spring wildflower kits. 

2022 LEIC Native Plant Tree Sale Best

We also will be holding invasive plant programs to remove garlic mustard on Friday, April 22 at the Cooper’s Woods Preserve as part of the Earth Week Challenge.  Removing garlic mustard from our preserves will protect our native wildflowers which are just beginning to poke through the leaves-found the first buds of cut-leaved toothwort this week!

Then join the Village Tree Commission on April 29 to plant two native trees-hoptree and spicebush.

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