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Middle Bass Music Festival Success!


Middle Bass Music Festival

The first Middle Bass Island Music Festival held on July 15 was a great success! Thanks to organizers Kelly Gotha with the Press House Patio, the Middle Bass Island State Park, and Bruce Miles. We really appreciate the assistance of the Miller Boat Line and Julene Market, Peter Huston with the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce, Maple City Ice, North Coast Goats, Rock and Roll Stew, 100 Mile Haul, Warren Bendler’s guitar solo, Rosie’s Cafe, Jimmy G’s Barbecue, Olive O’Rourke Scherf, Lizzie Rader, Lucy Schneider, AmeriCorps intern Samantha Newhouse, Kelly Halterman, Jim Roesch, Marv Booker, Marlene & Tom Tussinger, Brian and Pam Kessler, Kelly & Bob Thomasson, Patricia Butler, Cheryl & Greg Beck, Brandon Gotha, Brianna Czarnik, and Laurie Hoffman with the festival. Attendees enjoyed the bands, food, artwork, and games as well as a chance to see the newly opened winery cellar and facilities. We hope to be a part of it again next year! The Conservancy made around $2,000 on the event!