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By joining as a member, you are celebrating and protecting the unique plants, animals, and natural sites of the Lake Erie Islands year-round.

Your membership supports the preservation and conservation of cherished natural spaces so that you, future generations, and the wildlife may continue their enjoyment.

With your help, we can sustainably enjoy the islands, restore natural spaces, and maintain the natural beauty that enriches every aspect of life among our favorite places on the Lake Erie islands. 


2018 Annual Member's Meeting

LEIC Annual Member’s Meeting 2018


Back in 2000, a group of volunteers banded together with one goal. That goal was, and remains, to protect and conserve natural and agricultural lands on the South Bass and Middle Bass Islands’ local archipelago. We protect these natural lands from expanding commercial and private development encroachment for the benefit of this and future generations.

Our initial members loved the fact that the Lake Erie Islands provide a unique habitat for migrating birds and are home to a mix of indigenous flora and fauna. After first teaming with the neighboring Black Swamp Conservancy, LEIC matured into our own nonprofit in 2015. Preserves protected by the LEIC keep the special nature of the islands available for the benefit of everyone.

After 20 years our mission remains strong.

Today, we remain a hardy band of volunteer members. Thousands of people in Ohio visit the preserves each year.

Did you know that Lake Erie Islands Conservancy is the only 501c3 nonprofit conservancy based entirely on the islands and its work has ensured the protection of over 100 acres on South Bass and Middle Bass Islands?

Our islands are considered a special and fragile environment.

  • In 2010, the University of Michigan identified the Lake Erie Islands as “globally rare.”
  • The National Audubon Society stated that within the Lake Erie Islands there is a need to conserve and restore natural ecosystems.
  • The Nature Conservancy has placed South Bass Island on the Top10 List of “most threatened islands in the Great Lakes.”


Our membership consists of nearly 300 members. If you love the islands and the natural splendor here, you too can join us to keep our purpose vibrant and alive. We are large enough to get conservation done and small enough that each member makes a difference. You can make a difference with us.

You can become a Lake Erie Islands Conservancy member! Our membership drives our success while LEIC volunteer members work for further support from grants, donating businesses, and other available resources to protect natural areas. Year after year, your donation will stimulate support by these varied resources for an effective ongoing real-world conservation display as our preserves thrive through the seasons.


The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy works with the Put-in-Bay Township Park District
for the ongoing protection of over 100 acres.


Now is a great time to become a Lake Erie Islands Conservancy member!


Here is what our members receive:

Four copies each year of our “Island Green Scene” newsletter, whether in electronic or print form (your preference). Memberships are listed in the newsletter. The newsletter boasts a host of articles about the LEIC’s activities in education, protection, and preservation. Activities such as bird-banding, events such as the Middle Bass Music Festival and Island Green Week, workshops, preserve walks, and more are listed throughout the year for you to attend if you like.

Members may also check our stewardship practices, reports, and attend other organizational meetings such as our annual meeting.

We encourage members to volunteer with us whether that is taking on projects servicing the preserves themselves or working behind the scenes with more office-related matters. Anything that keeps our organization going in pursuit of our nature protection goals is a possibility.

Of course, members receive occasional emails about events and activities throughout the year. As a member, you may also join our public Facebook page and Facebook group to see what is going on at the preserves and what other members are pursuing each week year-round.

Most importantly, members gain the satisfaction of knowing they are protecting natural areas in places they love.

The friendships we develop in community with like-minded members are an added bonus.




Please join us!

Together, we can continue the mission to
“encourage conservation and protection of the natural and
agricultural lands in the Lake Erie Islands.”

While we have a variety of membership levels available for those of varying means,
you can join for a year as a member for only $25.00.

You love the islands. You value the natural areas.


Join us as a member with your contribution today!


Yearly Membership Subscriptions

Please select the level of membership you would like to pledge from the dropdown menu list below. The levels range from Friend, at $25 annually, to Patron at $500.00 per year. We very much appreciate your ongoing support. However, your membership can be canceled at any time should you decide to. The subscriptions are set to automatically renew annually for a total of 3 years but the Conservancy will contact you each year to confirm the renewal of your pledge.


Again, we cannot thank our sustaining members enough. Your generosity helps immensely!

Membership Options


Life Memberships

For anyone who generously wishes to become a lifetime member of the Conservancy, the Life Member level comes with a one-time donation of $1,000.

All new Life Members will receive a free LEIC tote bag, while supplies last. It’s just a small token of our big thanks for your becoming a Life Member!


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About your membership subscription- Except for Life Members, subscriptions will automatically renew annually for a cycle of 3 years. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe and stop future renewals email us or click the unsubscribe link below or on the receipt you will receive from PayPal.

Contact the Conservancy at LEIC, P.O. Box 461, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456 or call (419) 366-2087