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Holiday Bazaar Shopping Continues!

  Thanks to everyone who had a booth or came out to shop at the Town Hall last night for our Holiday Bazaar with the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. It was a fun evening with lots of holiday shopping! 

Rich Roberts won the holiday ham and Vivien Scarpelli won the bird house at the raffles.  Attached are some photos from last night from Susan Novak Byrnes.  

If you missed the event and still want in on the holiday goodies, below is a list of items still available and how to get them!!!!
Contact Lisa Brohl at 419-366-2087 for 2024 Conservancy calendars, t-shirts, hats, totebags, and concord, catawba grape  jelly from Brohl Vineyard, Niagara Grape Jelly from Duff Homestead Vineyard  or Ives Grape Jelly from Duff Vineyard.
If you wish the following items from Russell Brohl II, please contact Lisa as well. Pineapple, peach, or mango chutney, rhubarb, strawberry rhubarb, or raspberry chambord jam, corn-cob jelly, red onion marmalade or corn relish. He also has some homemade fabric potholders and quilts.
Sandy Funtal had a variety of cupcakes, ccookies, candies, and beautiful framed pressed flowers at 419-341-2957.
For items from the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society or the 10 for 10 Put-in-Bay Gazette promotion (ten vintage Gazettes for $10), or for historic items from the Duff Homestead contact Kendra Koehler at 419-341-2725.
For Lake Erie Islands Brown’s Backers merchandise and Holiday Rolls, contact Kelly Mohn at 419-341-2976.
For Monument Christmas Cards, contact painter Sarah Cochran on Facebook or at or Facebook-cards 5/$14
Mary Ann Meyers has a selection of notecards and Mary Kay cosmetics at 614-656-6601.
Contact Sue Seaburg for beautiful wood creations from her son Nate or cute Christmas chapstick holders from her Sister Keri at 419-707-7074.
Jill Cooks has a variety of sail bags and sewn creations at 614-565-3831.
Jessie’s Jewelry at is always a hit at Christmas.
Contact Kim Pugh at 419-344-5514 for t-shirts, sweatshirs, and nightlights from the Scott Pugh Foundation.
Cristina and Ric Brown are making their peanut brittle to order-contact them at 248-225-7888 or email at They will make one delivery to the island probably the week of December 12th.
Betsy McCann had cross-stitched some cute ornaments for the tree shown here. Penguin Cross-stitch are $10 each and small Christmas ornaments are $5 each. Contact Betsy at 614-561-0727.
If you need some banana bread for your stockings, contact Gay Pippert at 419-285-2236 to order some.