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A Swift Night Out at Put-in-Bay!

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August 11, 2018
8:15 PM - 9:15 PM

A SWIFT NIGHT OUT is a continent-wide effort to raise awareness about and encourage interest in Chimney
Swifts and Vaux’s Swifts. As summer draws to a close and the swifts have finished raising their young, these
fascinating aerial acrobats begin to congregate in communal roosts prior to their migration in the fall. Some roosts
may consist of an extended family group of a half a dozen birds or so, but the larger sites can host hundreds or even
thousands of swifts!
We have Chimney Swifts here on the Bass Islands in many of the older homes and buildings with chimneys- Aquatic
Visitor Center, PIB Town Hall as well as several private homes.  Keep your eyes to the skies at dusk in late July and
watch for areas where swifts are feeding. Look for a tall shaft, chimney or similar structure to locate where
Chimney Swifts go to roost in your area.
Join bird lady  Paula Ziebarth to look at the swifts at the Aquatic Visitor Center, August 11 at 8:15pm to view any chimney
swifts using the new Chimney Swift Tower. Participants meet at  the Aquatic Visitor Center parking lot or driveway to view the migrating swifts for Island Green Week!