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Enjoy Island Spring Wildflowers, Watch for Nonnative Invading Plants!

Wildflowers starting to pop with warm days. Here are a few from our preserves to enjoy! Share your photos with us as they start to appear! Have attached a few photos of our native island wildflowers!

And to all of you doing yardwork-remember not to throw yard waste in the woods. Nonnative invasive ground covers like English Ivy, wintercreeper, and periwinkle can root and smother out wildflowers! Vining plants such as these are doing better with warmer winters we are experiencing. Nonnative invasive garlic mustard should also be pulled this time of year and disposed of in the garbage not in the woods! Photos of these below as well.

Dutchman's Breeches at Cooper's Woods

Native Dutchman’s Breeches


Native Bloodroot blooms with a few leaves of invasive garlic mustard in lower right hand corner of photo.

Native Purple cress budding up

Here is photo of invasive garlic mustard right now-first year rosettes! Please pull up by the roots before it begins to set flowers this spring. Eat in your salads, chip dip, soup!! But do not throw in the woods. This also will displace native wildflowers-even sending a compound out into soil do other plants cant live near it.

Nonnative wintercreeper escaped from a yard

Nonnative invasive English Ivy escaped and going up trees.

Nonnative invasive periwinkle or vinca overcoming native wildflowers.