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Duff Homestead Closing

Put-in-Bay Township Park District recently closed on 6.5 acres of property commonly referred to as the Duff Homestead Site. Thanks to all who have contributed or donated to this effort and the Duffs for working with us!

The property includes the historic Duff home which will be refurbished as a visitor center and an office for the Park District and the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy(LEIC.) The two acres of wooded property will eventually have a walking trail. This wooded area is a prime birding site. The Homestead site will also have a pollinator site. A variety of trees with funding from the Beth Garsteck Cueto Fund will be planted.

The location has 150 feet of lake front property which is a nursery for yellow perch, sunfish, and native minnows. The shoreline also has a unique undisturbed submerged plant community which supports a remnant habitat for fish like bowfin and gar. The LEIC has received a $20,000.00 challenge grant from an anonymous donor to refurbish the home. In memory of her husband Robert, Dianne Smith donated $5,000.00 toward this challenge. We are looking for additional donations to meet this challenge. Contact the Conservancy at
leiconservancy@gmail or 419-366-2087 if you can help us out!

A bench for the site is being purchased by Patty and Carl LoPresti, and a second bench has been purchased by Neal and Carla Hess. A dedication of the Duff Homestead will be held in the spring of 2024.

The final phase of the Duff Homestead is – hopefully — the purchase of 11 acres of pristine vineyards, antique outbuilding, an orchard, and a garden. A bald eagle’s nest is adjacent to this property.

Park Commissioner Lisa Brohl, Judy Twarek-Bickley of Hartung Title and Al Duff at closing

Sara Hill, Jannah Wilson on Parks of Ottawa County presenting