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Conservancy Christmas Party at the South Bass Island Lighthouse


Lake Erie Islands Conservancy Christmas Potluck

A happy crowd enjoyed an evening of good food and company at the South Bass Island Lighthouse on Monday, December 10. Ham and salmon were served with lots of tasty  and unusual side dishes like tuna with ginger and wasabi, fried green tomatoes, brussell sprout casserole and lots of desserts! Great cooks here on the island! Chair Lisa Brohl led a sparkling grape juice toast to the years land preservation accomplishments. Thanks to Mark and Monk Nemec and Susan Bixler for help in setting up and to our hosts the Ohio State University Stone Lab. Nancy Tanner was the winner of the afghan hand made by Tracy Burgess-drawing was held that night.

Thanks to all of our members and supporters for their help this past year!


In attendance-Lisa and Russ Brohl, Kelly and Marty Faris, John and Paula Ladd, Susan Byrnes, Marsha Collett, Scott, Caroline, Liesel, and Cal Jackson, Jessie Greene and Aaron Hill, Kelly Carnicorm, Sue Seaberg, Mark Nemec, Rich and Carol Roberts, Mother Mary Staley, Val Chornyak, Dorain Toms, Jackie Taylor and Glen Cooper, Rudy and Linda Rence, Steve and Jill Cooks, Bob and Dianne Smith, Kristin Stanford, Susan Bixler, Judy Berry, Linda Frederick, Barry Koehler, Peter and Amy Huston, Jody and  Matt Amsten.