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Cavity Nesters Workshop March 25 at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Have you enjoyed watching purple martins or tree swallows at the Scheeff East Point Nature Preserve? Would you like to have nest boxes of your own?

Then take a look at the attached flyer and registration for a Cavity Nester Workshop to be held March 25 at the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.

If you have nest boxes or martin houses and would like to monitor it or have your birds banded, let us know. Paula Ziebarth monitors the purple martin rigs at the Scheeff East Point Preserve and can help you set up your own monitoring program. Thanks to Darlene Sillick for her help in getting the rigs with a Columbus Zoo grant a few years ago.

We hope to have Lisa Rock and Tom Kashmir up to the islands next summer to band the purple martins-will advertise when they are coming so the public can come and watch!


201C7CavityNestersWorkshop (2) Cavity Nesters Workshop Poster