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Hello everyone!

This is the AmeriCorps intern, Emma Young. I am writing to thank everyone that came to participate at the events I had planned. 

The Nature Scavenger Hunt at Massie Cliffside Preserve was extremely successful, with a little over twenty visitors coming to participate in the event! I hope everyone had fun searching for all of the different items listed in their packets and enjoyed drawing those things as they saw them!

The Shoreline Cleanup at Scheeff East Point Preserve was also successful! We had two amazing volunteers help clean up the litter along the trail, despite the extremely warm temperature! Together, litter was collected from on and off the trail until all of the litter was gone.

I deeply appreciated everyone who came and participated in these events. It was really exciting to organize these events and then see everyone that came!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our nature scavenger hunt!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our nature scavenger hunt!

Thank you so much to our fantastic volunteers for helping us pick up all of the litter!

Check out all of the litter we collected from the trail!


Lake Erie Bass Islands

Bird Banding Project

  1. Thomas Bartlett (Federal Permit # 21624)

1833 South Winfield Drive

Tiffin, Ohio 44883

(419) 447-0005

567-278-2300 or 419-937-6255


Spring 2019 Banding Dates

All dates subject to change, cancellation, weather, or rainout

Call if in doubt!

Banding beginning ½ hour before sunrise and

usually ends mid-afternoon


Middle Bass Island

April 28 through May 3 (all day)

Location: East Point Preserve


South Bass Island

May 5 (all day), May 6 and 7 (afternoons), and May 8 (all day)

May 13 and May 14 (afternoon) and May 15 (all day)

Location (Look for bird banding sign):

Vineyard Bed & Breakfast

910 Columbus Avenue

This week some signs of spring on the Lake Erie Islands. Dutchman’s breeches and wild leeks or ramps poking through the leaf litter. Eastern garter snakes sunning themselves on warm days. Trees Swallows back to the Scheeff East Point Preserve.