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Bird Banding with Dr. James Marshall

Dr. James Marshall of Rockford University will be banding birds this summer while teaching at the OSU Stone Lab. Attached is a schedule for his banding-he will be at Scheeff East Point Preserve and the Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve. It is another opportunity to see the birds up close during the breeding season. Please be respectful of the birds and the researchers.

Bass Islands Bird Banding
Summer 2018 Schedule
Dr. James Marshall
Gibraltar Island:
June 22 and 26 July 5 and 14
South Bass Island-Scheeff East Point Preserve:
June 19 July 3 and 10
Middle Bass Island-Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve:
June 21 and 28 July 6 and 12
North Bass Island:
June 23 and 30 July 7 and 13
Dr. James Marshall of Rockford University teaches at the Ohio State
University’s Stone Lab for the five week session. He and an REU student
band birds on alternate days. Most days the banding will begin around
8:00 AM and continue to noon.
Dr. Marshall’s students maybe present on some days but observers are
welcome to all days.
All banding is weather permitted.