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Attached is a brochure prepared by the Ohio Division of Wildlife on bat conservation and resources. I have had many a call from an island resident with a bat in their attic to remove safely.Here is a resource for those of you with bats.

 We are lucky to have had maternal colonies of bats here on the island. With our abundant insect resources, we are a great place for bats. We have seen a number of red bats during migration as well as little brown, big brown, long-eared and other bats found here.

Please read this brochure to see how we can keep bats a part of our ecosystem. They are such an important part and numbers are declining.
We now have a bat house at the Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve-Cleveland Tract. We hope they find it and use it!
[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Bat Habitat Brochure R092220″]