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A Swift Night Out

A Swift Night Out is a continent wide effort to raise awareness about and encourage interest in chimney swifts. as summer draws to a close and the swifts have finished raising their young, these fascinating aerial acrobats begin to congregate in communal roosts prior to their migration in the fall.

Chimney swifts are roosting in large chimneys on the islands with our abundant insect resources! The large chimney at the Aquatic Visitor Center is a great place to view them as they funnel down into the chimney at dusk. Be on the lookout for other island locations.

They nest in smaller groups all summer on the island as well. We have a few pairs in our chimney at the Brohl residence on Mitchell rd and can often be seen at the PIB Town Hall or on Gibraltar Island near the staff housing. They are now with others in communal roosts.

If you would like to help watch and count these birds on the islands as part of this effort September 8, 9, or 10, contact Paula Ziebarth at Check out the website for more information on the continent wide effort to census these birds.