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2024 Native Plant Sale is Happening Now!

Our Spring Native Tree/Plant Sale order form is now available! We have lots of plants and trees that will attract wildlife to your yard. 

Click here: LEIC Tree-Plant Order Form 2024

After attending the Ohio Wildlife Diversity Conference this week, we were reminded of the importance of planting for wildlife by a great talk by Chelsea Gottfried, “Building Mothopolis in Your Backyard.” Remember there are lots of pollinators out there like moths that you can plant natives for-she mentioned Boneset as a great example to have in your landscape. Native trees play an important role in providing pollinator habitat in early spring. and there are hundreds of moth species that rely on native oak trees. You can order both here!

Thanks Michelle Pennington, our Graphic Design Specialist and Editor for the nice job laying out this sales form. We appreciate Natives in Harmony, Riverside Native Trees/Plants, Chad Machinski, Quail Ridge Specimen Trees, and Thin Places Native Trees for working with us on this sale.
Get your order in early as we have limited supply of plants/trees!