The Fauna of The Lake Erie Islands

Baby Lake Erie Watersnakes

Baby Lake Erie Watersnakes

Lake Erie Water Snake-Ohio Division of Wildlife Conservation Easement Program

We operate a program of conservation easements to provide habitat for the Lake Erie watersnake and other wildlife. Our first easement is located on Kelleys Island and is monitored annually. Contact us if you are interested in taking part in this program to preserve privately owned habitat with no public access.

Common Grackle

Common Grackle

Download The Lake Erie Islands Bird Checklist here.


Learn about plants, birds and wildlife indigenous to the Lake Erie Islands. We have a list of birds that can be spotted on the islands, as well as a list if native plants and wildflowers, and other wildlife native to the islands. You can also learn about the Lake Erie water snake, once on the endangered species list, that has now made a resurgence on the islands.

Learn more about our conservation efforts for the Lake Erie Water Snake here.

More information and images on Lake Erie Island fauna coming soon.


Download the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Area Bird List here or see it below:


Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Area Bird List

Prepared by Lisa Brohl, Debbie Woischke, Glen Bernhardt

Turkey Vulture ~ Cathartes aura

Mourning Dove ~ Zenaida macroura

Yellow-Billed Cuckoo ~ Coccyzus americanus

Eastern Screech Owl ~ Otus asio

Great Horned Owl ~ Bubo virginianus

Ruby-throated Hummingbird ~ Archilochus colubris

Red-Bellied Woodpecker ~ Melanerpes crolinus

Northern Flicker ~ Claptes auratus

Downy Woodpecker ~ Picoides pubescens

Eastern Wood Pewee ~ Contopus virens

Empidonax flycatcher ~ Empidonax sp.

Great Crested Flycatcher ~ Empidonax crinitus

Tree Swallow ~ Tachycineta bicolor

American Crow ~ Corvus brachyrynchos

Blue Jay ~ Cyanocitta cristata

White Breasted Nuthatch ~ Sitta carolinesis

Black-Capped Chickadee ~ Poecile atricapillus

Brown Creeper ~ Certhia americana

Carolina Wren ~ Thyrothrous ludoviciansus

House Wren ~ Troglodytes aedon

Golden-Crowned Kinglet ~ Regulus satrapa

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet ~ Regulus calendula

Gray-Cheeked Thrush ~ Catharus minimus

Swainson’s Thrush ~ Catharus ustulatus

Wood Thrush ~ Hylocichla mustelina

Hermit Thrush ~ Catharus guttatus 10-15-08

American Robin ~ Turdus migratorius

Gray Catbird ~ Dumetella carolinensis

European Starling ~ Sturnus vulgaris

Yellow-Throated Vireo ~ Vireo flavifrons

Red-Eyed Vireo ~ Vireo olivaceus

Yellow Warbler ~ Dendroica petechia

Common Yellowthroat ~ Geoghlypis trichas

Black-Throated Blue Warbler ~ Dendroica caerulescens

Yellow-Rumped Warbler ~ Dendroica coronata

Black-Throated Green Warbler ~ Dendroica virens

Cerulean Warbler ~ Dendroica cerulea 5/9/09

Blackburnian Warbler ~ Dendroica fusca

Hooded Warbler ~ Wilsonia citrina 5/9/09

Black and White Warbler ~ Mniotilta varia

American Redstart ~ Setophaga ruticilla

Ovenbird ~ Seiurus aurocapillus

Northern Cardinal ~ Cardinalis cardinalis

Red-winged Blackbird ~ Agelaius phoeniceus

Baltimore Oriole ~ Icterus galbula

Common Grackle ~ Quisculus quiscula